love: open spaces, calla lilies, buttermilk, purity, smell of freshness, yoga, art, peace,gibran, rumi, ghalib, silence, native music, exploring places, good chai, honesty, exuberance, milind.

faith: truth, nature, instinct, goodness of the soul, talent, pure energies, positivity, awareness of the dark side, knowledge, self discipline.



rajul studied commercial arts which was followed by a 15-year, fast rising career in advertising which she gave up in 2005 after being fed up of a 30 sec/ 8 col x 60 cms view on everything in the world. this new unsure, unpredictable and serendipitous life was even more exciting for her wanderer spirit, helping her relook at art and design and collaborate with eclectic skill sets. world culture inspires her. human mind intrigues her. nautral beauty makes her introspective. there’s nothing she loves more than integrating art forms from across the world. in 2010 she started ‘love & faith’ to create an honest platform for art, along with her husband.


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