love: stories of all sorts, heavy metal, ballads, ghazals and qawallis, endless coffee and conversations, richa, kheema pau and dal bati, riding into the sunset, hugging trees, hemmingway, kerouac, kabir and ghalib, mary jane, forest, rivers, mountains and sea, long walks and getting lost, adrenaline rush, valerie the cat, friends and laughing till you forget what you were laughing about.

faith: that innate goodness in all humans, perseverance, happiness is in small things, milind, science, honesty, till you don’t try you won’t know, love will keep us alive and universe has a safety net, so jump!



luv was born a wandering soul. he wandered right out of college through his dad’s business, right through advertising (the other option was a call center), through triton, o&m, via a few cannes, abby, asia pacific awards, to mtv, to directing films and of course in between he has done some really great travelling! along with his bike and a few other friends, luv has traversed the norths, souths, wests and easts of india, spent humongous amounts of time with folk singers, shared copious amounts of homemade liquor with tribals, and generally seen shitloads of the world at such an early age which most people don’t see in two rebirths. and now he has reached ‘love & faith’ a company that in part shares his name and in full, loves his spirit. we don’t know where he’s going next but we we’ll be glad to just tag along.



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