love: mum’s cooking, writing, sketching, daydreaming, malvani fried fish, talking about things people don’t want to listen to, jurge luis borge, alan moore, neil gaiman, kubrik comic books, family, friends, traveling.

faith: humanity, nature, myself, the world beyond this one, neha, universe and the mystical oneness in all living beings.



aditya pawar is a multiple award winning writer/ director, his short filmĀ  FACE IT won theĀ best actress jury prize at the prestigious dada saheb phalke awards 2017, it won the perfect 10 short film at MAMI 2018 royal stag barrel select, it made official selection in several international film festivals. he is one of the 40 directors in the world that made together one feature film which holds a guinness record and winner of best feature film in L.A. film festival called Train Station. he has been working in the advertising film commercials for 9 years. he likes to maintain a balance between commercial and independent films.



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