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the germ of the idea for this short film came when d.o.p. kartik vijay and milind dhaimade were discussing random ideas for a demo film he had to shoot for a particular film stock of fuji films. a few days later, they realized that one idea stuck particularly and decided to take it further. what was just another demo for fuji films became a completely obssesive, mad, psychotic journey for all of us at love & faith, culminating in a lovely short in gibberish called ‘prakata het yaad’. though the film is in gibberish, every scene holds some lucid insights into the new urban india. this is a funny story of a ‘vagabond’ family whose house is a small three wheeler pick up van and who can pitch a home pretty much wherever they wish. While they might not live in a conventional home, they still have their own sense of conventions, materialism, ideals and dreams.’prakata het yad, a film in gibberish, is a cynical look at modern day urban India living in a near psychosis of being, outwardly, steeped in westernism yet , inwardly, afraid to lose its ritualism.