The things I love to live for…

SHIVASHAKTI: Done in Madhubani style with poster colors on paper. This is one of my firsts, done during college days where I was discovering different style of indian folk paintings. Gond & Madhubani are my favourites. Inspired by our rich history of traditional folk art, i wish to create somekind of Indian design language that can be be applied in the graphic space.
BUTTER KRISHNA: Done in Tanjore style with gold foils and semi-precious gems. Under the aegis of a Tanjore Master from South India, this was my first attempt at Tanjore. The painting is made by the gilded and gem-set technique – a technique where gold leaves & sparkling stones are used to highlight certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses etc. This rich style of art has originated from Maratha court of Thanjavur, where the gods and godesses were the main subjects. Traditionally Butter Krishna is a sitting pose of child krishna wearing only ornaments, holding a butter pot in one hand. I have framed my Butter Krishna in the traditional Chettinad wooden frame.
I LOVE CALVIN: My first bottle art happened, thanks to my husband. On his birthday, I gifted him this empty bottle inside the whisky box…he was delighted to see the wrapped gift only to find an empty bottle with my funny art on it.
since then I have been collecting all kind of bottles… recently inspired by their pet Valerie, I painted this one for Richa & Luv Kalla on their birthdays.
SAVE THE SNOW LEOPARD: I painted this for the team of SLC-IT (Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust), when they came down to Mumbai for the Kalaghoda festival.
RISING KUNDALINI: On my trip to Bhutan, I noticed paintings of erect penises on the walls or even installed on the door entrances. It was rather intriguing that traditionally symbols of an erect penis were used intending to drive away the evil eye and malicious gossip. They were actually available in the market where I picked up this one made of wood. My idea was paint it with this interesting concept of coiled kundalini rising up like a snake, reflecting the inner energy of the soul rising for liberation.